Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Deserve McCain/Palin

Really, we do. If, as a country, we are stupid enough to fall for false controversies like the "Lipstick on a pig" thing, then we deserve them. If we haven't had enough of five years in Iraq, and are ready to go with "another hundred years," then we deserve them. If we don't know enough about John McCain to know that the guy has an anger management problem--to the point that senators in his own party are concerned about his being president because of his un-senatorial-like behavior on the floor of the senate--then we deserve them. If we aren't afraid of the attacks they they will continue on a woman's right to choose, then we deserve them (and any Hillary supporter that's a woman who went to Palin--you go gurl!).

A good five minutes on YouTube should give anyone enough time to learn about McCain and the issues I mentioned above, not to mention all of his gaffs--forgetting the difference between Iran and Iraq, etc.

Apparently Americans are as stupid as frogs sitting in ever-increasingly-hot water. I wonder if we'll even figure out when it's boiling and we're cooked. I sure hope we're tasty.

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