Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recovery Day 2

I'm amazed at how great my body feels today (well, in comparison). My IT Band and calf don't hurt one iota. And, as expected, today the lactic acid is in my quads. I'll go on an easy jog in the morning to work that through.

I convinced my coworker friend Ryan to start his own blog. I set it up for him in two minutes. After he starts blogging, I'll put a link to him in here.

It was fun talking to people at work today about the half-marathon. I appreciated everyone's atta-boys and support. I feel even more inspired to do it again. I really want to run another half with these leg injuries gone so that I find out what my next limitation is--is it mind? breathe? energy? I'd also like to get higher than the 13th percentile. : )

Speaking of the 13th percentile, unless I'M misunderstanding it, every time I say I'm at the 13th percentile I'm surprised when people say how impressive that is. I then state, "no, the bottom 13th percentile," and crack up at their response.

Today I was curious where my blog was appearing, so I did a search. I have about 5 seconds of fame by appearing on the Daily Page of our local free, weekly newspaper! Search for "Jay" when you get there. I have no idea how this page gets its content, and I'm tickled they found me.

I was less hungry today, and not quite back to normal. I think I will be by tomorrow. In a few minutes, ibuprofen and bed.

I'm really enjoying perusing others' blog entries. Collin turned me on to searching for blogs. I've been using searches like this one:


What fun!


nwgdc said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jay! It was a great day, and you can without a doubt call yourself a runner! The best part about your race strategy was that it allowed you to immediately begin looking ahead to the next run! Way to go!

By the way, how do you search to see where your blog appears?

Jay Edgar said...

Hey NWGDC, I went to http://blogsearch.google.com I have an example search at the bottom of the post you commented on.

And thanks for the comment--I appreciate it. Thanks also for the idea of the cluster map, which I stole off of your site. ;)

Collin Kromke said...

See... Isn't it fun searching for blogs?

Glad to hear the recovery's going well and that you're getting some recognition for your accomplishment.

Jay Edgar said...

Hey Collin. LOL Yes, it is fun. And I feel like I'm chasing you around the internet while I do it, as I keep bumping into your comments. Although, I've gotten to some first. : )

Thanks again for sharing blogsearch with me.