Sunday, April 06, 2008

Wisconsin Film Festival So Far

This is Rachel writing in our "Analog Database" of reviews during lunch on Saturday - she suggested that we keep a single notebook of our reviews and write them separately. She tends to summarize the movie and give a few impressions, where I go solely with impressions and opinions.

Here we are at the Majestic before seeing Garbage Warriors. They started the wrong movie (something Italian with subtitles), so the movie started 30 minutes late. We had time to snarf down a sandwich at Michelangelo's, where I Jotted the last blog entry.

This was our reaction to the wrong movie starting...

This is the final image of the intro that they play before each film. Such great music and great graphics! They are so incredibly creative with all of this stuff. One of the sayings they have on the back of the shirts is:

Keeping You in the Dark for 10 Years.

How funny is THAT?

We have five more films to see tomorrow. All kidding aside, sitting through 15 films (16 for me) is a bit physically grueling, especially with some of the aweful chairs in some of these theatres. Good thing we're hardcore...

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